A public promise that builds trust and brings peace of mind.

Take a clear stance against sexual misconduct.
Give your employees a voice. Attract great people.

Take the Vow

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A public promise that builds trust and brings peace of mind.

Take a clear stance against sexual misconduct.
Give your employees a voice. Attract great people.

Take the Vow

Share This With My Employer

WeVow Member Organization's

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BUILD a culture of safety, trust, and zero tolerance for sexual misconduct.


EMPOWER your employees with resources on sexual misconduct and provide them with the tools to report any incidents and get the help that they need.


LISTEN and take appropriate action to remedy incidents that occur in the workplace, and to prevent them in the future.

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WeVow Membership Features


Leverage the Seal

The WeVow seal symbolizes trust, transparency, and confidence. The seal represents a public promise to employees and customers alike that your organization stands against sexual misconduct.

Display the WeVow Seal:
  • In your workplace
  • On your organization's website
  • In your organization benefits package
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Incident Reporting

WeVow's incident reporting platform* makes reporting and resolving incidents of sexual misconduct simple, efficient and effective.

*WeVow does not monitor or police any reports submitted through the platform

Benefits for employees:
  • Safe, simple, and confidential
  • Report incidents as a victim or witness
  • Track status of report
Benefits for employers/HR Managers:
  • No more long email chains
  • Securely record and track all reports in one place
  • Safeguard your organization from abuse of power
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Wellness Counseling

Support your employees when they need it most. Our counseling offering equips your employees to be healthy and effective in life and at work.

  • Five counseling sessions per year for incidents of sexual misconduct (including events spanning the employee’s lifetime)
  • No employee copay
  • 24/7 crisis care phone hotline for immediate help
Take the Vow

Comprehensive Resources

  • “What is the definition of sexual misconduct?”
  • “How do I report an incident?”
  • “Where do I go for help?”

Empower your employees by providing them with the information and resources they need to properly report sexual misconduct, seek help if they have been victimized, and thrive in their workplace. Empower your employees with ease, clarity, and confidence to effectively resolve issues when problems arise. Also includes best practices for employers to follow in the event of an incident.

Take the Vow

Make your workplace thrive

Build trust and transparency into the fiber of your workplace

Attract and retain top talent through a culture of confidence, safety and empowerment

Be known as an organization that lives by a higher standard

“One step I can take as CEO of BLVR is to ensure that we provide a positive work environment and build a culture of safety and trust for every person on our team.”

Scott Hancock

Thank you for sharing! Together, we can help every person feel safe and valued in their workplace.

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Zero Tolerance

What does zero tolerance mean in regards to my organization’s WeVow Membership?

WeVow Members must adhere to the following zero tolerance policy: Zero tolerance means that we will not tolerate any form of sexual harassment or assault behaviors, regardless of the severity of the wrongful conduct or the individual committing the wrongful conduct. Any person who is found to have committed sexual harassment or sexual assault in the workplace and/or against any other employee, agent, vendor, customer, or service provider of the organization will be subject to immediate disciplinary or corrective action, at the sound discretion of the organization, up to and including immediate discharge from employment. Without exception, each and every employee, officer, director, manager, supervisor, or other individual employed by the organization is subject to this zero tolerance policy. Management and/or human resources will have the sole discretion to determine the severity of the consequence based upon, among other things, the severity of the conduct; provided, the individual accused of wrongful conduct shall not be involved in any decisions with regard to the consequences for his/her own wrongful conduct. For purposes of this zero tolerance policy, the wrongful conduct covered hereby includes not only sexual harassment and sexual assault, but also any form of retaliatory action against any individual who reports sexual harassment or sexual assault in the workplace.