Everything You Need to Know about WeVow Membership

Everything You Need to Know about WeVow Membership

A public promise to build a culture of safety and trust

WeVow was created by Matt Pipkin, founder of Speak Your Silence, a non-profit organization working to help those affected by sexual abuse and assault to find their voice and move forward.

In late 2017, Matt began to see headline after headline of sexual harassment involving high-profile individuals in Hollywood, network news, and business. Around the same time, Matt learned that his wife, Ashley, had experienced sexual harassment at a former workplace event and didn’t know what to do about it. Matt knew he had to do something about it and created WeVow.

WeVow equips organizations to communicate how much they value their people. When people feel cared for and safe, it allows them to be their best. WeVow is designed to give people 100% clarity that sexual harassment is not tolerated in an organization.

WeVow is strategically partnered with San Diego-based brand development and design consultancy, BLVR, Boise-based behavioral health and managed services company, BPA Health, and Nagpur (India) based software development company Ranium Systems.

Why is WeVow needed?

Employers are required to agree to the following three (3) vows:

Give people 100% clarity that sexual harassment is not tolerated in your workplace.

Give every person a voice to report if something happens and counseling to work through it

Build trust as an organization that deliberately takes care of its people and lives by a higher standard

Membership Benefits

Benefits for

Build transparency and trust in your organization

Attract and retain top talent through a culture of confidence, safety, and empowerment

Counseling sessions for employees at no additional cost to your business and no employee copay

No more long email chains

Securely record and track all reports in one place

Safeguard your organization from abuse of power

Benefits for

Safe, simple, and confidential

Report incidents as a victim or witness
and track status of report

Five* free counseling session per year per incident

*Three sessions for California-based companies



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What WeVow Is (And Isn’t)

What WeVow is

WeVow is a membership-based product that equips organizations to build a culture of safety and trust by taking a stand against sexual harassment. Membership includes:

  • WeVow Member seal and materials to proudly display in your place of business, across all organization platforms and materials including website, social media, employee handbooks, and more.

  • Incident reporting platform for all employees to report incidents of sexual harassment to human resources or management as a victim or witness, allowing 2-way communication for follow-up.

  • Five counseling sessions per year for incidents of sexual harassment (including events spanning the employee’s lifetime)*3 for California-based companies

What It Isn't

  • WeVow is very simple to join and is not a layered certification process that will take weeks or months to finish.

  • While WeVow Membership offers tremendous value to HR managers, primarily through the Incident Reporting Platform, it is much more about internal and external communication than HR management. The Incident Reporting Platform is just one important aspect of WeVow Membership.

  • WeVow is NOT a policing or monitoring program. Think of your WeVow account - and your Incident Reporting Platform - as you would your organization’s email system. While WeVow’s system will store your organization’s information within your account for you and your employees to access, WeVow will not at any time access or police your organization’s information.

WeVow Membership Features

Wellness Counseling

Support your employees when they need it most.
Our counseling offering equips your employees
to be healthy and effective in life and at work.

  • Five* counseling sessions per year for incidents
    of sexual harassment (including events spanning
    the employee’s lifetime)

  • No employee copay

  • No additional cost to your organization

  • 24/7 phone hotline for immediate help

*Three sessions for California-based companies

See how it works

Incident Reporting

WeVow's incident reporting platform makes reporting
and resolving incidents of sexual harassment simple,
efficient and effective.

Benefits for employees:
  • Safe, simple, and confidential

  • Report incidents as a victim or witness

  • Track status of report

Benefits for employers:
  • No more long email chains or lost information

  • Securely record and track all reports in one place

  • Safeguard your organization from abuse of power

See the Reporting Guide

Comprehensive Resources

  • "What is the definition of sexual harassment?"
  • "How does the Wellness Counseling Resource work?"
  • "How do I report an incident?"
  • "How do I file a change with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission?"
  • "How do I file a charge with a state or local agency?"

Empower your employees by providing them with the information and resources they need to properly report sexual harassment, seek help if they have been victimized, and thrive in their workplace. Empower your employees with ease, clarity, and confidence to effectively resolve issues when problems arise.

Leverage your membership

The WeVow seal symbolizes trust, transparency, and confidence. The seal represents a public promise to employees and customers alike that your organization stands sexual harassment.

  • In your workplace

  • On your organization's website

  • In your organization benefits package

  • On your organization’s social media

  • On your product's packaging

Join Now

Thank you for sharing! Together, we can help every person feel safe and valued in their workplace.

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Zero Tolerance

What does zero tolerance mean in regards to my organization’s WeVow Membership?

WeVow Members must adhere to the following zero tolerance policy: Zero tolerance means that we will not tolerate any form of sexual harassment or assault behaviors, regardless of the severity of the wrongful conduct or the individual committing the wrongful conduct. Any person who is found to have committed sexual harassment or sexual assault in the workplace and/or against any other employee, agent, vendor, customer, or service provider of the organization will be subject to immediate disciplinary or corrective action, at the sound discretion of the organization, up to and including immediate discharge from employment. Without exception, each and every employee, officer, director, manager, supervisor, or other individual employed by the organization is subject to this zero tolerance policy. Management and/or human resources will have the sole discretion to determine the severity of the consequence based upon, among other things, the severity of the conduct; provided, the individual accused of wrongful conduct shall not be involved in any decisions with regard to the consequences for his/her own wrongful conduct. For purposes of this zero tolerance policy, the wrongful conduct covered hereby includes not only sexual harassment and sexual assault, but also any form of retaliatory action against any individual who reports sexual harassment or sexual assault in the workplace.