About WeVow

WeVow was created by Matt Pipkin, founder of Speak Your Silence, a non-profit organization working to help those affected by sexual abuse and assault to find their voice and move forward.

In late 2017, Matt began to see headline after headline of sexual harassment involving high-profile individuals in Hollywood, network news, and business. Around the same time, Matt learned that his wife, Ashley, had experienced sexual harassment at a former workplace event and didn’t know what to do about it. Matt knew he had to do something about it and created WeVow.

WeVow equips organizations to communicate how much they value their people. When people feel cared for and safe, it allows them to be their best. WeVow is designed to give people 100% clarity that sexual harassment is not tolerated in an organization.

WeVow is strategically partnered with San Diego-based brand development and design consultancy, BLVR, Boise-based behavioral health and managed services company, BPA Health, and Nagpur (India) based software development company Ranium Systems.

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