About WeVow

Sexual misconduct in the workplace is one of the most pressing issues we are facing today. Whether it be a fortune 500 company of thousands of employees or the local grocery store on the corner, this epidemic has reached a scale that is both shocking and sobering.

Sexual misconduct costs everyone. It costs the victim their feeling of safety, security, and value in their workplace. Moreover, it costs employee and customer trust and loyalty.

When people feel safe and supported by their employer, they’re empowered to thrive and be effective in all areas of life. When organization's instill trust, they attract and retain top talent and build customer loyalty.

The best organization's have taken a vow to live by a higher standard of respect, dignity, and safety in the workplace. You’ll recognize these organization's when you see the WeVow Member Seal.

WeVow was an idea that resulted after our founder, Matt Pipkin spent 6+ years founding and leading Speak Your Silence, a nonprofit organization working to prevent sexual abuse and assault and give a voice to those affected. When Matt began to see headlines of sexual misconduct involving high-profile individuals in Hollywood, network news, and business, he recognized that nearly every incident took place in the workplace.

WeVow is strategically partnered with San Diego-based brand development and design consultancy, BLVR, and Boise-based behavioral health and managed services company, BPA Health, to equip organization's of all sizes to build cultures of safety, trust and zero-tolerance for sexual misconduct, while offering resources and support for their employees to thrive and be effective in life and at work.

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