Heard of Treefort Music Fest?  If you’re from Boise or the Pacific Northwest, we’re betting you have!  And hopefully you’ll be there next week!

We’re super proud to announce that WeVow is a partner and sponsor of Treefort!  We recently launched a new “Groups” feature, making it possible for organizations to extend the benefits of their WeVow membership to virtually anyone. Treefort is one of the first to use it, proactively working to create a safe environment for all 25,000+ event attendees and volunteers!

If you attend Treefort, be on the lookout for signage at their 25+ venues stating their commitment to keeping you safe + a link to report if you experience or witness anything inappropriate.

Here’s my Q&A with Treefort Co-founder and Producer, Lori Shandro Oüten.


Matt:  Hi Lori!  You and a small group of people created Treefort Music Festival just a few years back, and now it’s one of the major events in Boise, attracting hundreds of bands and thousands of music lovers every March.  It’s pretty amazing. Tell us a bit more about Treefort and why it’s become so special to Boise and the Pacific Northwest.

Lori:  Treefort started from a few peoples’ desire to attract more emerging and touring artists to Boise. We are on the way to and from a lot of bigger cities in the West and PNW, but weren’t really on the radar. Since that initial purpose, it has really developed into a community-wide celebration of our city and its culture. It is a festival put on for the community, by the community.

Matt:  When we first met last fall, we talked about the importance of each person feeling safe, especially when at an event with thousands of people in attendance.  How important do you see this being to the long-term success of a major event like Treefort?

Lori: Being a community festival, we take very seriously the safety and experience of everyone involved.  Treefort has its own culture of being welcoming, collaborative and caring. But, with so many people involved, we realized we needed ways to communicate not only our code of what we consider acceptable conduct and care for one another, but also that we really want to know if anyone in our community is being hurt in a way we can help stop.

Matt: Treefort recently became a charter member of WeVow, and your 10,000+ attendees and volunteers will see signage at every event venue stating your commitment to keeping them safe, including a link to report if they experience or witness anything inappropriate + additional resources if they need them.  How did you share this with your team and what impact do you see it making?

Lori:  We added our key team members to make them aware of the inner workings of the platform.  Then, at our first full staff meeting we explained the intent of implementing WeVow, as well as the group link, where it will be displayed and how it can be used.  We presented this, as well, to all of our venue managers. We added the link to our Code of Conduct on our website. In all of these cases, we explained that our intentions are to put forth the fact that we expect people to treat one other with care and respect and want to know if someone is being made to feel unsafe.


Matt:  I’m grateful for the value Treefort has created for Boise and I’m so honored that WeVow has the opportunity to partner with you guys to help keep every single guest safe!  Thank you, Lori (and Treefort team)!

Lori:  Thanks, Matt and team, for working with us to adapt this amazing tool to fit the needs of our festival and other organizations who don’t fit into the employer/employee box, but want to make clear their intolerance for abuse.


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